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Cleaning and Maintenance of Wood Floors

Lately, there have been many phone calls on the cleaning and maintenance of wood floors. We at Professional Floors of St. Louis feel that too much water during the cleaning process can damage wood floors, thus creating a need for earlier wood floor repair and sanding. The National Wood Flooring Association now recommends that a non-wax or oil type wood floor cleaner be used instead. Recommended wood floor cleaning products may be found at your local hardware stores that are made by wood flooring manufacturing companies (such as BONA, Armstrong, or Bruce). Again, make sure the label plainly states that it contains no wax or oils that can built up on your floors.

According to eHow on the maintenace of wood floors, the following is stated:


Many cleaning products require limited time and effort to use. Some may require the addition of water but generally they contain everything that you need in the package. Keeping a clean floor will eliminate that amount of dirt on the bottom of your feet or socks that is collected when you walk on it. Spills are much easier to clean off a floor as opposed to carpets. Also, freshly cleaned wooden floors are shiny and can make a room appear larger.


Removing debris with a Dry Swifter, vacuum or a traditional broom several times a week will help prevent dirt build-up. Also, placing throw rugs or mats on frequently used areas, such as the kitchen sink or entranceways, will protect the wood. Removing shoes before stepping on the floor will limit the amount of dirt on the floor.


If you dread cleaning hardwood floors, you can make the chore more eventful. Though it may seem childish, gliding or even dancing with the mop can be good for a few laughs. It is also a way to exercise and burn calories. If there are hardwood floors in virtually every room in your home, you may want to break up the task, instead of cleaning everything in one day which can be a daunting or dreaded chore.

However we at Professional Wood Floors of St. Louis recommend that any moisture that is used on your wood floors be mopped up immediately – and dried with a cloth or towel. Even an errant ice cube can ruin a hardwood floor, if it melts! Just use common sense on your wood floors – you wouldn’t leave a puddle of water on your nice wood furniture would you? The same goes for your wood floors.

I hope this helps with your wood floor maintenance questions. Enjoy your upcoming weekend!


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